Chimney Cleaning

It is recommended that you have your chimney inspected and cleaned every year to ensure that its kept in a good working condition, and safe for purpose. That is where Chimney Sweep Liverpool can help you! If you do not have it cleaned regularly, soot and creosote can start to build up which can cause house fires. Over time it can also damage the inside of the chimney, causing cracks and holes. This could reduce the main aim of the chimney, which is to extract dangerous gases out into the air, rather than them being inside your house.

We provide a full chimney cleaning service, with anything from a simple sweep to a full through vacuum and inspection to check for damage. We can also install a flue lining system which will help make sure that your chimney is kept in good condition and help it last for years. Our team can come out and do a sweep within 40 minutes. We also clean up all our own mess. We will not leave dirt all over the floor!

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