Chimney Liners

Even if you have your chimney cleaned regularly it will always ages and experience some form of damage through years of use. Chimney Sweep Liverpool can provide a lining service that will improve the function and extraction of your chimney. These are installed throughout the whole of the chimney and make sure that no fume, gas or smoke can leak into your house. We are fully gas registered and you can rely on us to carry out a professional job to the highest standard.

We install durable and flexible stainless steel liners which are of the best quality. These will make sure that their is enough pull to ensure that the smoke and fumes go up the chimney easily and protect it from further damage. The flue liners we use also have extra locked seams, so these will never split and are not to be confused with poor quality liners that some people use. With each of out installs we offer a 15 year guaranteed.

If you have a awkward fireplace, or one thats a weird size or shape we can offer you a custom made power flue system.

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