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A power flue system, also known as a chimney fan is used to extract fumes and smoke out of the home. This is suitable for people that do not have a fireplace, as the fumes can exit out of the side of your house on a side wall, or through the roof making it a great choice if there is no chimney breast or fireplace in the house.

Power Flue Systems

At Chimney Sweep Liverpool we create custom made power flues that will match any stove or fireplace that you wish to have installed. It could be an old antique fireplace, or something more modern, it does not matter, we can design a power flue to suit.

Having the fan installed also helps to ensure that home is odor and smoke free. The fan will ensure optimal draft and will not be effected by the weather or the location of the fan. The fans will also ensure that a limited amount of ash and dust is blown into the room if you open the door,

A chimney fan is electrically powered and this can be laced on the outside of a wall or on the roof, whichever is best for you. It is operated by a standard wall switch will will be put next to the fireplace. Once its turned on, it will send a message to the fire which will prevent you from starting the fire without having the fan on, as this is needed to remove dangerous combustion fumes. For solid fires, such as wood burners, you would need to turn the fan on before you start the fire.

If you think a power flue is something that you require, then please get in touch.

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